Porto, Guimarães, Braga, Bom Jesus do Monte and Porto again in ONE DAY

And the third day of our trip began in Porto and getting to know the Sandeman winery, then we went towards Guimarães (we ate the famous Guimarães cake that is unbelievable), we had lunch in Braga and then we traveled to know the fantastic Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte…. After this brief tour we … Continue Reading

Cascais, Boca do Inferno, Cabo da Roca and Sintra in ONE day

We arrived on the first leg of our trip —- LISBON !! Already on the first day we went to visit the beautiful city of Cascais, the natural cave called Boca do Inferno, the cliffs of Cabo da Roca located in the Sintra region and the center of Sintra. Prepared??? Then let’s go !!! Subscribe … Continue Reading

Camden Town and Little Venice – London 🇬🇧

I spent three months in London and I didn’t get to know half of what I wanted, because with every check I gave in one item, three new ones appeared !!! London is diverse, multicultural, overflowed with history and knowledge… How to visit all places in just three months? I tried my best, I assure … Continue Reading

#Trend – The 2016 Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards was on Sunday, July 31 in Inglewood, California, was attended by several stars of music and Hollywood movies. We can see that the black color predominated among the famous and the trend that has caught most attention was certainly overalls. I love it! It was used by the wonderful Jennifer Garner, which … Continue Reading

#VLOG – Helicopter Tour

Guys!!! I just posted a video on my YouTube Channel !!! On the weekend after Valentine’s Day I was surprised with a helicopter tour of Sao Paulo!!! It’s very surreal feelling to see the whole city from above, how big it is!! And yet I was somehow in shock that I know so few places in this great town!! … Continue Reading

#Vlog – Trip to Milan and the Champions League Final

Helloooo people!!! I’ve just added the second video on my YouTube channel!!! I already published in my travel posts about my experience in the Champions League final and the beautiful city of Milano. Hope you have fun with it as I much as I loved the trip!!! The experience was great and worth the ride. … Continue Reading

Youtube Channel – Bella França

GUUUYYYYSSSSS!!! The first video just came out on my YouTube channel !!! Yayyyy it’s so cute !! I present a brief of all content I’ve on my Blog such as fashion trends, gastronomy, travel, culture and much more !! My YouTube channel is an extension of what we talk about here, sharing with you some tips, a little bit of … Continue Reading