#Recipe – Chickpea Tartlets with Hazel Nuts and Oatmeal

Hi guys… Our partner Juliane Dias tested a recipe today and here it is! It seems that these tartlets were 👌🏼 TOP OF LINE! I will explain here how you can test the recipe out there !! INGREDIENTS: Chickpea Oatmeal Cane syrup Coconut oil Brazil nuts Honey PREPARATION: I left a cup of chickpeas resting … Continue Reading

#Recipe – Quinoa Tabule

The recipe of today is from our partner Juju Dias!!! On her website: julianedias.com.br which is her favorite spot, she shares with us a behavioral change that transformed her life, she even shares recipes, tips and somethings about her yoga classes!!! Here’s one of her recipes: QUINOA TABULE “Huuuum !! I love quinoa and love … Continue Reading

#TIP Sao Paulo – Chez Vous

A taste of Belgium in Sao Paulo! I went to a place that caught my attention in Moema, the Chez Vous located at 395, Lavandisca Avenue. I love stumbling upon different locations in Sao Paulo and take a little time to know them. With a modern atmosphere, the gastronomic house offers contemporary and Belgian cuisine … Continue Reading

#Decor Tips – Kitchens

One of the areas I love most in a house is the kitchen, I love open and illuminate kitchens… Want to know the new recipe for an on-trend kitchen? Modern minimalism with customized touches that add personality, charm, and—most importantly—function to the most popular room in your house. Here, the elegant upgrades we can’t wait … Continue Reading

#Recipe – Black Rice

This is one of the recipes from our partner Juju Dias that she makes every week in her home. The black rice is the tastiest rice that exists and its color makes the dish more appetizing. Mix the black rice risotto with funghi ’cause the two have a very sharp taste. Like this, one does not change the flavor of … Continue Reading

#Recipe – Funcional Chocolate Truffle

Here is a recipe to delight you in this week of rain in SP. Building on the idea of ​​staying under the blankets, such that brigadier revenue and better still healthy ??? : 0 Revenues are from our partner Juliane Dias … julianedias.com.br Since I discovered the recipe that my sweet brigadier were never the … Continue Reading

#Recipe – Beet Gluten Free Bread without Lactose

This week I’m putting a recipe of our partner Juliane Dias to combine with this chilly weather… it serves as accompaniment to a possible fondue ass well. Just a suggestion … 😉 Meet some of her work as a yoga teacher and worshiper of fit recipes here at julianedias.com.br She tested many gluten-free bread recipes to find … Continue Reading